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Herd Health Management 

Keeping up with all of the vaccine and de-worming products out there and deciding which to use can be a real hassle.  Other issues including biosecurity can be easily overlooked.  We can help by evaluating your herd and work with you to develop a herd health plan that meets your specific needs.  

Pregnancy Diagnosis  

Want to know if your cows are pregnant and how far along they are?  We provide pregnancy diagnosis as early as 40 days post breeding.  Pregnancy stage accuracy is best between 30 - 120 days post breeding.  No matter the size of your herd, pregnancy diagnosis data can be used to make important management decisions and evaluate reproductive success.   

Bull Breeding Soundness Exam  

Evaluating the breeding soundness of your bulls can make a huge impact on your herd's reproductive success.  This evaluation includes general health and conformation, evaluation of reproductive organs, and microscopic semen evaluation.  Trichomoniasis or "Trich" is a reproductive disease that is becoming more common in beef herds in the Southwest.  The best way to screen for this economically devastating disease is test all bulls at least yearly and should be done as part of a thorough breeding soundness exam.  

Heifer Pre-breeding Exams  

We realize that your heifers make up the future of your herd.  We can help ensure future success by advising on selection criteria and performing pre-breeding examinations on all replacement heifers.  This can help to reduce the chance of calving difficulty and increase fertility and reproductive success.


We love to watch a healthy newborn calf nurse for the first time.  Timely intervention can make the difference between a difficult but successful delivery and disaster.  If you have questions, call before it's too late.  

Health Permits/ BANGS Vaccination/ TB Testing  

Be sure to plan ahead and obtain a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and state entry permits prior to hauling cattle across state lines.  Certain services such as Brucellosis or "BANGS" vaccination and Tuberculosis testing must also be performed by a USDA Accredited veterinarian if required for interstate travel.   

Record Analysis 

Cattle record data, including pregnancy data can be a very valuable management tool.  Let us help use this data to provide valuable feedback for your operation.  

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